Saturday, 22 January 2011


Every time I write about savory pancakes I feel like a subversive. Subverting the natural order of things sounds good sometimes. And make me think about the rebel I used to be when I was younger. Not in a political or social-cultural way, although believing that I could do something to make this world a better one was the main reason to go to hardcore shows, becoming vegan and straight edge. But well, I was never a person of big actions.

So, bringing all this 'subversion' to the food universe, I decide not just to cook savory pancakes (or crepes) in the way I usually do, but to serve them like the classic ones. It was my second time doing this and I hope fans of sweet classic pancakes don't go mad on me!

To make things a little bit different, I added some herbs (basil, black pepper and paprika) to the dough recipe I always use. The sauce was made with 2 cup tomato sauce, 2 tbs shoyo, 2 tbs soya cream, one vegetable stock cube and 2 chopped vegan sausages.

With this easy recipe I made my way back to the kitchen after almost three weeks just studying for my exams. Matteo said he will lock me there and enslave me! Hopefully it will help me to come up with more stuff to the blog ;-P

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with some 'subversion' :-)


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