Saturday, 15 January 2011

(vegan) Pizza Rustica

Last week was my first exam week of this semester. Three exams in five days (and I still have two to go). It meant that I wasn't working, wasn't going out and wasn't cooking. No fun at all. But has to be done.

Yesterday night I was really tired and didn't want to do anything besides trying to relax. Matteo decided to do his (now famous in the house) vegan pizza using a great ready-to-go pizza that we discovered recently. He can make the dough himself and he's pretty good on this, but he's being busy as well. He named yesterday's pizza "Pizza Rustica", or, pizza with everything you can find in the house.

This one had beef-style strips, mushrooms, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, and (after taking the pizza to the oven) rucola. And it was delicious. Yeah, I know, I love pizza and it's easy to make me love one, but believe me, this was really amazing!

What's your favourite pizza?

PS. Talking about pizza, January 29th will be the first Vegan Pizza Day. Go to the website or like the page on Facebook to know more about it!


Anonymous said...

A cara tá animal! Imagino que o gosto também. =D

Sou entusiasta de pizza usando "o que tiver em vista", hehe.

Julia said...

Your pizza looks great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Vegan Pizza day tip. I'll try to remember and make my own vegan pizza that day.


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