Tuesday, 14 June 2011

We're back! Stronger than ever

Smoked tofu burger - Vegacy (Sao Paulo)

After basically one month I'm back in Dublin. Have to say I had the best time.

Ten days with Purification made me feel even stronger about the values I have, about the choices I've made and about what I believe: hardcore, veganism, straight edge. South America is an amazing place to go and play if you love hardcore and if you're vegan straight edge. If you fancy watching a hardcore metal (vegan) band with me playing the bass, here's a video:

After the tour I went to my hometown to spend time with my family and it was just perfect. But this post is about the tour and about all the vegan food we had on the road! I'll post some photos and I have to say that we had more time to spend in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so most of my pictures are from there. And Vegacy is still my favourite vegan restaurant ever.

My favourite snacks and soda - Vegacy

Salad buffet - Vegacy

Vegacy serves the best feijoada ever

We spent three days in Buenos Aires and basically all we had was Chinese food! I'm not sure about other vegan options in Argentina, but I hope there's more than that. But we had the chance to go to a vegan take away place with good food and one of the best food we had in Buenos Aires was on Saturday night, before the gig. The guys from "Comida Vegan Delivery" made us an excellent catering with three different types of burger, empanadas, mayonnaise and hummus!

Chinese vegan food

Vegan take away place in Buenos Aires

Vegan food before Purification's gig in Buenos Aires

In Chile we stayed less than 24 hours but we had a delicious lunch at my friend's house (who were putting out the show) and Cintia is an amazing cook. She also bakes "empanadas" and cupcakes so during the show we could taste some of her amazing vegan food.

Cintia's vegan cupcakes


Anonymous said...

pqp, eu preciso ir no vegacy! fiquei com fome olhando as fotos!! :D

Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

aaaah que animal o show de santiago e você toda roqueira, adoro!!! e caçulinha do vegacy só faltou o beijinho *-*

Clarissa said...

Bom demais! hehe


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