Sunday, 10 July 2011

Food is always around

Lunch time at Juice Vegetarian Restaurant

I thought I'd have more time to blog when I was back from Brazil but it didn't happen. I'm so busy with my thesis that it's being hard to find time (and strength) to do more than reading, writing and cooking regular meals for our daily lunch time in the house. So there's still not too much happening in my kitchen for now although I'm always thinking about food cause this is the subject of my dissertation as I've said here before. A few weeks ago I've made pasta with meatball and still have to write about it here cause it was delicious but not today.

I just stopped here on this lovely Sunday to post some pictures. My French friend-sister Aurelia is visiting us for the last time before she leaves to Canada and I'm enjoying every second close to her. Her b-day was in May and the only thing she asked me was a vegan carrot cake or carrot cupcakes and that's what she got:

Vegan carrot cupcake with chocolate frosting

And today she's making us breakfast. A proper French one with toasts and crepes. We already had the French toasts and now we're giving the stomach some time to prepare for the crepes!

Vegan French toast a la mode

Hope everybody is having an amazing Sunday.

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Oh yum, that meal at Juice looks fantastic.


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