Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Back in the kitchen?

The bad thing about being at home everyday during the whole day is that you MUST do some things as an obligation. The domestic tasks are the worst for me and I will include cooking here. Yes, I love cooking but I wish I could choose when to cook. Having to cook every single day is not that easy and I still don't have the oven to help me (and I realized that I used to cook a lot of meals that need a working oven).

Since we moved I have a lot of things going on and wasn't thinking too much about what too cook, so we are having trivial meals, nothing special at all. But yesterday I decided to cook something good - but still easy to prepare. I have to confess that I was thinking more about the pictures I could take than in the food itself. I'm attending the module Photojournalism in my Master course and I'm very excited about my final project, which will involve food. I know how hard is to take pictures of food and I don't have a very good camera (or a professional one). So I need to practice with the tools I have.

Well, I cooked white rice, mashed potatoes,
zucchini with olive oil and shoyo. I added a cherry tomato in the end and that was our lunch. It was easy to prepare and tasty. Maybe I'm getting back to the kitchen and will have nice recipes ans pics here in the near future.


Vegan Deluxe said...

I struggle with taking good pictures, too! Good luck with your class. That's awesome that you've got that opportunity!

Bruno said...

noh, glauce, nao sabia que era fotojornalismo! eu tinha realmente MUITA vontade de estudar seriamente isso também... pena que, pelo menos por enquanto, vai ficar só na vontade mesmo. mas boa sorte aí! espero que o curso seja legal!!

Glauce said...

Vegan Deluxe: it is the second time I'm having this module (I had in my University in Brazil, during the graduation) but I had to chose an elective module for this semester and I really like photography, let's see what I can do!

Bruno, é só uma das matérias do Mestrado, o curso mesmo é Journalism and Media Communication. Na verdade eu até já fiz fotojornalismo na Uni e era até mais bem embasado que aqui, mas era Photo ou TV pra escolher, daí nem tive dúvidas ahahah

Clarissa said...

Como sua nutricionista, eu vou puxar a orelha por ter dois tipos de carboidratos e estar faltando proteina! hehe.
Mas tao lindos.
Te falei que a gente comprou foi uma Canon? Se tudo der certo, vc pode usá-la quando formos praí. Aí vamos ter que fazer vários pratos pra tirar fotos! :D

Bianca said...

Fancy! I love the way you plated everything. I love my job, but sometimes I dream about being being able to stay home and be domestic.

Anonymous said...

Pirei! Tanto o almoço quanto a foto. Ficou bonitinho. =D

Anonymous said...

I admit I also hate that I have to cook every single day. But when you raise a child, you don't have a choice anymore. Anyway, that's why I'm so happy with the vegan-blogging thing. Because it stimulates my creativity, it gives me the feeling that I'm helping in showing the world how delicious vegan food can be, ... well preparing food becomes something more like this.
So, please keep cooking and sharing pictures?

Anonymous said...

A lovely, simple meal, and so nicely plated, too! :)


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