Friday, 18 March 2011

I ♥ Paris - Part II

Our first day in Paris was perfect for the food. It was a rainy day but it wasn't cold. We didn't saw many touristic places but we went to the Louvre and walked a lot around there to burn some of the calories we had consumed at Loving Hut (see first post about Paris here) and we took some rest in the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries eating some amazing olives stick bread!

Aurelia took as to Saveurs Végét'Halles for dinner. We were surprised when we got there f
or two reasons: first we have been there in 2007 but the placed used to be La Victoire Supreme du Coeur. I have to say that I loved even more the new restaurant. The menu is larger, with more vegan options (it is a vegetarian and vegan place) and the price is more decent (or at least the meals are bigger). The second surprise is that we met a friend that used to live in Dublin. It was really amazing and a good surprise!

One more time, we had amazing food. We asked different dishes again to enjoy as much as w
e could:


Crudités et Tofu
(raw vegetables with sesame tofu)

Omelette Végét’Halles, épinard-champignon
(Végét' Halles Omelet, spinach-mushroom)

Terrine de champignon avec sa confiture d’oignon
(mushroom terrine with onion jam)


Rôti de champignon avec sa sauce mûre et ginbembre
Mushroom Roasted with blackberry and ginger sauce)

Escalope de seitan avec sa sauce aux champignons
(Seitan Steak with mushroom sauce)


Crème au Chocolat

They have some good deals for lunch and evening, don't forget to check them on the menu (they are in the last page, not in the first one!). And they are opened from 11h30 to 3pm and from 6pm to 11pm.

Saveurs Végét'Halles
41 Rue Des Bourdonnais
75001 Paris
Tel: 01 40 41 93 95

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Clarissa said...

Os pratos parecem bem maiores mesmo que os do La Victoire Supreme du Coeur. Ainda bem! hahahah


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