Monday, 7 March 2011

Baby steps into the vegan raw universe

If you're an "old" reader of this blog, you might remember that I'm not too much into salads and that I do an effort to eat more vegetables. But since 2009, when I wrote the blog post about it, I've been eating a lot more vegetables and salads (just salads, not into burgers or with other food to cover the vegetables taste) and I'm happy with it. But I still prefer cooked vegetables than raw ones. Last week I had an amazing experience that made me know a little bit more about the vegan raw universe.

We had a guest at home that has being vegan raw for two years now. When I first realized he's raw I thought that it would be hard to cook to him and to take him out in Dublin because I knew very little about vegan raw options around. But it wasn't that hard (I sound like people that think being vegan is the hardest thing in the world!) and I could learn a lot and discover some new pleasures and options in Dublin.

Cornucopia has always some vegan raw options in their salads. Thumbs up to them! Blazing Salads is another amazing place to find great salads and they also sell the delicious Nakd raw bars (love them). More thumbs up! But our best discover was Natasha's Living Food. I had eaten one of her cakes before and it was amazing but I didn't know nothing about her or her products. I called her to see if she has a store but she doesn't (yet). We were supposed to go to her place, where she produce the stuff but we couldn't make it this time. But her products can be found in a lot of places in Dublin and I found quite a lot of them at Nourish (
Wicklow Street). Everything looks delicious. Check it out if you have the chance.

Besides that we got a lot of nuts and for the last night my friend was here we decided to do a dinner party at home with some other friends of the vegan group ALiberation. I decided to cook brazilian vegan feijoada to the non-raw guests and during the day I walked with my friend around Dublin and we got some amazing raw stuff.

First we went to the Dublin Food Co-op. They have great stuff there and the staff is great. I got organic red peppers and zucchini. And we also went to a street market close to South William Street to buy olives and artichokes. Everything was delicious and I had a great night with good friends that share same values: veganism and animal rights. The guys also brought their dogs and the apartment was full of life.

After these days learning more about vegan raw I have to admit that I became very interested in the option and that I'm doing an effort to learn more recipes and to eat more raw food in general.

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xthingswesayx said...

adoro todos os seus posts.
(L) said...

I can't wait to come to Dublin one day. I'm loving the raw foods you can get in Brighton at Aloka & Infinity Foods at the moment but that coconut slice looks really good.

Clarissa said...

Eu nunca animaria a ser completamente crudivora, mas comer mais coisas cruas é sempre bom e saudável! :)
Vc sabe o quanto eu fico orgulhosa em te ver comendo mais salada e legumes, principalmente coisas cruas. ;)

Anonymous said...

What fun raw foods! I'm definitely open to the concept, but it's hard to find many of the products (and especially at a reasonable price) around here, and in most places. The movement is gaining notice, and hopefully it will become more accessible soon. It definitely has a lot of tasty food to offer, as evidenced by your post! :)


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