Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I ♥ Paris - Part I

I went to Paris in 2007 for the first (and only) time until this weekend. I had amazing memories about the city but not too much about the (vegan) food. Four years later Paris is a way more vegan friendly and I had the best weekend ever there.

The first reason for having such a good time wasn't the food though. I went there with Matteo to meet Aurélia, my little sister. She is not my real sister, but she is like a sister. I have just one brother and the idea of having a younger sister sounds amazing to me. I use to say that friends are even better than family cause we choose them. And two years ago life gave me this amazing friend-sister that I love from the bottom of my heart and every time I meet her is just perfect. She won't be that closer after July (she's moving to Canada) and I wanna see her as much as I can until there. She made an amazing plan for our weekend, including vegan food and sight see.

I'll write at least three posts about the places we went in Paris cause I have a lot of pictures that I want to share. Our first stop was

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is in a lot of countries (also in Brazil now, in São Paulo) and I always heard different opinions about the restaurants. It seems that some of them are amazing and others aren't that great. They are independent from each other so the menu changes a lot. But the one in Paris is now in my Top 10 favourite vegan restaurants for sure.

The place is amazing, the staff is nice (and they speak English) and the food is divine and 100% vegan (or végétalien). I won't complain about the price because I think it was decent for Paris standards. We asked for different starters and main courses to enjoy as much as we could of the menu.


Joyeux croustillant

Pépites dorées


Riz arc-an-ciel


Quiche végé bonheur avec salade composée

Crêpes aux champignons & salade composée


The hugest banana split ever

Loving Hut

92 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75011 Paris 11e arrondissement, France
01 48 06 43 84


vanessa said...

que maravilha glauce! adoraria ir a paris!!! beijo

Tea and Sympatico said...

I've still not been to a Loving Hut anywhere. That food looks nice.

Clarissa said...

A comida parece boa mesmo! Aqui só tem Loving Hut num cafundéu do Judas. hahaha. (aposto que o Matteo vai achar que eu inventei essa expressao!)
E banana split! Amava quando era crianca, nunca mais comi!

Kristina said...

Great reports! As I am going to Paris for the first time, and my first trip anywhere as vegan as well, this recommendations come in handy! Thank you!


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