Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Don't keep it secret!

I'm pretty sure you've heard before about the "Secret Society of Vegans" and if you haven't it's time to know all about it! SSOV has been producing vegan gear in London since 2004 and in 2009 they decided to open their first shop in Camden Town. In the beginning of 2010 they moved to a new place, called Vx, the new home of SSOV.

Since I've heard they had opened the shop I wanted to go there and never had the chance until last week! So, what's so special about the shop? For me, the most exciting thing is that it's not (just) a food shop (I know you don't believe, but I think about other things too!). They sell clothes, vegan shoes, books, grocery AND food.

We ended spending more than a couple of hours there and it was amazing. Everybody in the shop is very nice and we had the opportunity to meet one of the guys responsible for the Accidentally Vegan (they supply the shop with some of the most amazing vegan treats, include a vegan profiterole that is to die for!). It was a lovely afternoon and I bought some great stuff.

Besides the shop, they have a lounge in the basement where you can relax, drink some coffee while eating some of the delicious vegan treats and chat with the friends.

Vx is totally wort it a visit when in London! And don't keep it secret, spread the word as much as you can.

73 Caledonian Road
Kings Cross


Anonymous said...

nossa, parece tão legal, quero ir!

Jenny said...

I've enjoyed reading about your trips to Italy - and London. I'm extremely jealous! I'm going to show your posts to my husband to help entice him. :)

melly said...

first of all: i like that you post more often now!
i checked these homepages and loved them, very inspiring. i just moved to vancouver, canada and will search for vegan shops and restaurants like you decribe here, too.
i just started reading SKINNY BITCH - do you know the book and how did you like it?
best wishes, melly

melly said...


if you're friend needs any help or just wants to hang, go eat or see punkshows, let me kno or tell her/him to contact me!

i found a brochure and already have on favourite vegetarian/vegan restaurant: the foundation! they do not have a homepage though...still, i post A LOT about food, hmmm!

read you on! :-)


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