Monday, 9 May 2011

Music and food trip to London

Oh, boy! I thought I had written about London here before and now I realized I didn't. I wrote about the trip we've done last year but in my old column in a Brazilian website. Shame on me. But well, better late than never and now I have even better tips and photos, so here we go!

London must be in every TOP 5 cities for vegans. It's very vegan-friendly and the prices are decent too (well, I always compare to f***ing-expensive Dublin!). And being a tourist there rules too. Me and Matteo went there in the end of April to see Descendents for the first time. The show was on of the biggest frustration of my life cause Milo (the singer) lost his voice after the third song. But well, this is not a blog about music so this was just an introduction (you know how much punk/hardcore is a big thing in my life!).

We stayed three days in London and went to some places to eat, including the vegan Thai place in Camden Town that is a must (it's all you can eat and it's basically in front of the tube station and close to most of the venues we go to). The place is not hard to find but I can't remember its name (sorry about that!) but there's a sign in the front door "vegetarian Thai buffet" and the place is big enough to see it :P Just one note: it's almost impossible to go there two days in a row cause the food is heavy, everything there is fried and in your first day there you will really want as much as you can, so do it right!

Second food stop was Gallery Cafe. The guys from the Vx store (I'll write a separated post about it) recommend us their vegan pizza. It's served after 3:30 so we decided to go there before the Saves the Day gig on Tuesday. Can't describe how good was the super cheesy vegan pizza! One of the best vegan pizzas I've ever had. Could eat there every day (yeah, you know, I do love pizza). The place is vegetarian, not vegan, but they have vegan options and the staff is pleased to help you to "build" your favourite pizza.

St. Margaret's House
21 Old Ford Road

Bethnal Green
Third stop was Ms. Cupcake. When I read that they had opened a store in London I got so excited and couldn't leave the city with a least one visit. They're located in Brixton so we took the tube and, have to say, I had the best cupcake of my life there: a Ferrero Rocher cupcake. We had the honor of meeting Ms. Cupcake in person too and she's a lovely lady. The shop is big and it's in a nice gallery with a coffee shop in the next door, where you can order your vegan favourite coffee to have with your cupcake. Matteo had the Triple Chocolate one (which also comes with homemade vegan marshmallows on top!) and I had another one, Raspberry Cheesecake. So, next time you're in London, make sure you'll stop by Ms. Cupcake, it's 1000% worth it!

408 Coldharbour Lane

And our last stop before coming back to real life was Maoz Vegetarian. I know it's not a meal, but I love falafel and Maoz is handy, cheap and tasty. The filling options in London are great and the falafel balls are delicious too. And the shop is at Soho so it's always a good idea to walk around the area too.

43 Old Compton Street

This is it! There are at least a million other vegan places to go so I'm sure I will have to keep going there to keep this blog full of tips.

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Kirsti said...

Hello :) Wow I was in London for 2 days a couple of weeks ago and totally missed out on Vx and the cupcake store! Time was severely limited though, so that's really why, I at least got to go to Food for Thought and Beatroot which were good! I posted about it not that long ago on my blog. London is so amazing for vegan food though your post makes me want to go back already!


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