Wednesday, 11 February 2009

All about... Berlin

We just spent three days in Berlin but we could see a lot of things and eat at the best vegan places. I was really surprised to see that there are a lot of places for vegan people there. I think Berlin can be the best place, after London, for vegans. I'd like to thank Clarissa for taking us to see the city, we had a perfect time and the best company!

I decided to write in topics about the food places, so here we go:

* Cupcake Berlin: I have to start with the most awaited place of this travel. I didn't know it before, but it's not a vegan place. But it's not a problem at all, they have the best vegan cupcakes ever (vegan options are: Very Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Double Trouble, Perfectly Peanut and Blondie). We went there on Saturday and Sunday and had a great time. Beside the cupcakes, the place is nice and the owners are so kind that you stay there a long time. And the place is pretty famous in Berlin – they cooked cakes for Tom Cruise once. They also have t-shirts, cloth bags and buttons. The only bad thing is that they don't open on Monday and Tuesday.

Address: Krossener Str. 12
Opened hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 7pm

* Hans Wurst Bio Vegan Café Restaurant: this place is perfect. We went there on Sunday to the brunch. I love vegan places because you don't need to ask about the food. The brunch is all you can eat and in the end you chose how much you want to pay, between 7 and 12 Euro. The food is awesome and it's a cool place too. We stayed there for 4 hours more or less, eating, drinking and talking.

Brunch at Hans Wurst

Address: Dunckerstr. 2a
Opened everyday 12pm to midnight (on Sunday they open at 11am)

Vegan chicken cheeseburger - Yoyo

* Yoyo Vegetarisches Bistro (Yoyo Foodworld): I think Yoyo is the best place to go and we went there a lot of times. It's a kind of vegetarian/vegan fast-food place and most of their options are vegan. The place is amazing, everybody that works there is cool and the food is delicious. They have snacks, wraps, pizza, burgers, desserts and more. I recommend all the burgers with salad and french fries (so go there as much as you can!), the wraps (they are so big!) and the Salami pizza with fake cheese. It's probably one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten in our lives. And they have good prices too, so it's perfect.

Vegan salami Pizza with cheese - Yoyo

Address: Gärtnerstraße 27
Opened everyday 12am to midnight

* Veni Vidi Vegi: a vegan store. This place is great too. You can buy a lot of vegan stuff to take home, without read the ingredients. 100% vegan. They have a lot of options of pate, chocolate, cheese, biscuits, soy milk and the list goes on. I bought a button there that says 'esst mehr tofu' (eat more tofu).

Address: Pücklerstr. 32
Opened hours: Monday to Friday, 12pm to 19pm – Saturday, 10am to 4pm

These are the places we went to eat. But of course we didn't go out just to eat, we saw a lot of the city. Berlin is an amazing city. Big (with a population of 3.4 million) and beautiful. Every place you look, you see history.

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal (Soviet War Memorial)

We saw the Berlin Wall (yes, it's something intense to see), the Brandenburg Gate (it's more beautiful at night), the Reichstag building (German parliament), the Schloßplatz (a popular square that has a Marx and Engels monument), The Fernsehturm (the famous TV tower) at Alexanderplatz, Karl Marx Avenue and the Sowjetisches Ehrenmal (Soviet War Memorial) in Treptower Park (this was the most impressive place to me, it's not so much famous but I think everybody should go there).

Brandenburg Gate

Me, Matteo, Marx and Engels

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal (Soviet War Memorial)

Berlin Wall

Another thing that's really good about the city is the transportation infrastructure. You can go everywhere using train or tram. The city has two big train systems (U-Bahn and S-Bahn) with more than 20 lines and 300 stations. The tram system has almost 400 stations and also more than 20 lines. And you can chose to walk or to ride a bike too (Berlin is known for its highly developed bike lane system).

If you're planning to come to Europe, you should visit Berlin for sure!


Anonymous said...

Yoyo Vegetarisches Bistro seems fantastic! It's making me hungry just to read.

Oh, and the "oh my god" tag is hilarious, Glau. =D


JennShaggy said...

Thank you! That vegan salami pizza looks amazing :)
It was surprisingly not overly salty. The crust balanced it all out pretty well. Mmmm.

Volver said...

as fotos estão ótimas e a cara do matteo em uma delas tá demais!
e os ai ai!

gija said...

tô com vontade desses cupcakes

pois é menina, desencanei daquele produto da camil hehe. aliás, mandei um email pra eles, vamos ver o que vão responder né!
bjinho =]

Clarissa said...

I told you before, Berlin is the greatest city in Europe! =P

It was so nice and so much fun having you guys over! Hope we can do it again someday soon.

opp said...

next time go during summer. you will love it even more!! lecker pizza!

Marijke said...

Nice to see, more and more vegans fell in love with Berlin. It really is one of the best cities in the world!


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