Friday, 27 February 2009

Warming up

I love soups. It's not something that I eat a lot, but I like them. Not that ones that come in a package, but the homemade ones. My mother knows how to cook the best soups. She always knows how to warm my heart. So it's good to cook something that makes me think of her.

Yesterday night we decided to cook an easy potatoes soup (oh, yes, everything with potatoes sounds good!) to enjoy the last days of this cold winter, my first winter in Europe. I really don't know if I need to put the recipe here because it's so easy: cook the potatoes in a salty water,
mix them in the blender with the same water (add it a little bit at the time until it becomes creamy). Go back with the potato cream in the pan and add your favorite herbs (this time we used parsley, black pepper and one vegetable stock cube).

That's it!


Volver said...

eu tb adoro sopa!
adoro caldo verde =õ

Volver said...

eu vi, mas não achei o seu texto...você já escreveu ou ainda vai mandar pra lá?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, a nice creamy potato or pea soup is so good in cold days...
And yeah, that reminds my mom as well. Amazing.

Zucchini Breath said...

That looks so good.. mmm, potatoes. Tonight for dinner is potato, leek and black eyed pea soup...


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