Monday, 16 February 2009

Salty muffins

We had an awesome weekend. Valentine's day was perfect and we could relax and cook with pleasure! We had pizza at night and I have to tell you that Matteo is getting better and better on making the dough. As my friends of What The Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway said, the best way to make a perfect pizza dough is trying. Now Matteo doesn't follow the recipes too much and the pizzas of Saturday night were perfect.

And as I told you on the previous post, I finally decided to cook the salty muffins with the recipe I got from my sister-in-law (that awesome ones that she cooked at Christmas). The main reason I'd like to cook them is because I was eager to use my new colour reusable silicone baking cups they're are delicious. And I'm glad to say that my firs salty muffins were great too!

Enjoy the recipe (to make 12 muffins):

380g white flour
180g vegetable margarine
60g white tofu
1 cup natural soy yoghurt
½ package baking powder (or salty yeast)
1 cup soy milk

Mix everything in the blender (it should be creamy, if it's too solid, put more milk). Put the dough into a bowl and add 200g of peas (or 150g of black or green olives). Grease the baking cups with oil and a little bit of flour and distribute the dough on them, to cover ¾ of the cups. Put in the oven for 30 minutes (180ºC).

Note 1: I used red tofu instead of the natural (white) one and it's great to make the dough tastier.

Note 2: I used self-raising flour and it worked the same way.

Note 3: We used vegan sausages instead of peas or olives. You can choose whatever you want, just cut them in small pieces.

Receita em português, para 12 muffins:

380g farinha de trigo
180g margarina vegetal
60g tofu natural
1 copo de iogurte de soja natural
½ pacote de fermento em pó para massas salagadas
Um pouco de sal
1 copo de leite de soja

Bata tudo no liquidificador (até conseguir uma massa homogênia e cremosa, se estiver muito sólida, vá colocando mais leite). Coloque a mistura em uma vasilha e acrescente 200g de ervilhas (ou 150g de azeitonas verdes ou pretas). Unte as forminhas com óleo e farinha e distribua a massa, de forma a ocupar ¾ de cada forminha. Leve ao forno pré-aquecido por 30 minutos (180ºC).

Nota 1: Usei o tofu vermelho (temperado com tomate) no lugar do natural e a massa ficou mais saborosa.

Nota 2: Usei a farinha já com fermento e funcionou da mesma forma.

Nota 3: Nós usamos salsichas vegetais picadinhas no lugar das ervilhas ou azeitonas. Você pode escolher o que quiser colocar na massa, apenas pique em pedaços pequenos e distribua bem para cada muffin.


Sal said...

Salty muffins!! That sounds amazing, I have such a salt tooth!

Robb Edge said...

I've had my burning desire to cook more of my own food reignited recently, so I'll definitely try these. :)

guitarrero said...

Que comidas chikis em nossa :)

Ah a musica vc nunca escutou não, eu fiz antes de vc começar a namorar o Matteu.

guitarrero said...

heheh Pode deixar um dia eu mostro.
Ah quero so ver se vai fazer mesmo.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

My best advice on cooking from What the Hell, too! It was to cook all you can and you'll definitely get better.

I love the idea of salty muffins!

Clarissa said...

I've gotta try those!
Thanks for the recipe!

Andrea said...

Salty muffins... interesting concept! I'll have to give them a try. If I were you, I'd post up your recipes on Raw People in order to bring more people to read your awesome blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of "salty muffins" before- Sounds very interesting!


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