Friday, 6 February 2009

Crazy about CUPCAKES

My husband went to Berlin last October and came back talking about the best cupcakes he had eaten in his life. He was so excited about them that I became curious. I love vegan cupcakes but in Brazil there is no place to buy them, you must cook them.

This weekend we are going to Berlin to see one of my best friends, Clarissa. She's Brazilian and is spending her holidays there, so we'll meet her and I'll finally see Berlin. I am excited about all the vegan food we'll eat there a lot of things and we'll be there for three days.

The place is called Cupcake Berlin and
today I checked their website. These pictures here are from their gallery. Check the pictures there and let me know if you still think that we vegan people can't eat awesome food too!

I'll be back next week with all my tips of Berlin's best places to eat go to and with my 300 pictures of the cupcakes!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! You have fun there!
Wanna see the pics later.

Volver said...

ai que delícia...

Kristel (TofuParty) said...

I just discovered your blog. And guess what: this summer we're going to Berlin. I'll definitely check out this place. Can't wait to read your other tips.

guitarrero said...

Nossa isso tudo é vegan?
q coisa em..
eu queria.

Andréa N. said...


Lúbia said...

Ahh! Que legaaal! Aproveita muito lá! Como muita coisa gostosa mesmo.

Eu nunca comi isso não. Parece de mentira, mas deve ser bom. rs



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