Monday, 2 February 2009

Not happy with this

This is not something new, I started to read about it a few years ago, but it's something that is becoming more and more usual: people are eating meat again after years of vegetarianism because of the 'happy meat'. I still want to write a post about that, but I need more time. So I will just post today a piece of two articles of the website Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach.

"(...) She was a vegetarian for 10 years but now she has gone back to eating meat. Deacon is a “conscientious omnivore” who illustrates the problem with the “happy” meat approach that has overtaken the animal movement. (...)" (Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach - Feb/07)

"The writer, Tessa Williams, proclaims that after 25 years as a vegetarian, she is now eating meat again. (...) This is where the happy meat/animal products movement is leading. And it is certainly not confined to Britain. (...)" (Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach - Feb/09)

This is something I can't understand. This is a step back for all these years of vegetarianism and animal rights fights.

What do you think about it

Para os amigos brasileiros: Esta é uma discussão que gera opiniões bem diversas e gostaria de saber o que vocês pensam também. Sintam-se à vontade para postar em português.


Joebreaker said...

I know a fair amount of my friends who decided to start eating meat again because they've "Stopped Caring"
Some being vegetarian for over 5 years.
I suppose only being Veg for a year makes me very fresh at this but I still find it curious that someone could have such a change of heart.

Glauce Lucas said...

I have many friends that started eating meat again for the same reason and I don't understand. But that's nothing we can do... Hope you keep being veg ;o)

Clarissa said...

Well, this is really a though question. I mean, you know how important veganism is to me, and how I care about it. I just can't understand that people, all of a sudden, don't care about it anymore (if you are a vegan/vegetarian for ethical reasons).

On the other hand, I could understand someone who would be so honest to say "i don't want to up on the 'good stuff' or i don't want to always care about what I'm going to eat". I'm not saying I agree with them, but at least it's not that bullshit of "oh, i was feeling so weak", bla bla.

But still, it's just so logical. I never try to talk people into veganism, unless they ask me about it. But being vegetarian/vegan, thinking about all the ethical reasons, and them eating meat again? It still doesn't get into my head...

Was i to contradictious? hahaha

Glauce Lucas said...

The saddest thing to me is seeing people returning to eat meat because now the 'animals live better and happy', how say the 'happy meat' thing. Can't see the point in all of this...Live well and happy, die and be eaten at the end the same way =/

Andréa N. said...

I think it doesn't make any sense for someone who is a vegan (for the animals, not just for their health) to just decide to go back to eating meat using the lamest excuse which is the "happy meat". It shows no respect for animals in the first place.

I have friends who say they "tried" but couldn't do it for health reasons and I understand that if there's a sickness involved you will want to listen to your doctor (and many doctors are still against veganism), but I don't buy the concept of "humanely treating animals". They are not here for our use. And killing is killing. There's nothing respectful about using them - especially for things we don't need in order to survive. It's 2009, not the Stone Age.

Lúbia said...


Me explica essa história de "happy meat" que eu não entendi bem. É esse lance de bem-estarismo?

A la mierda com esses loucos! Como podem??? =(

Glauce Lucas said...

Lu, segue o link de um post do Gato Negro sobre o 'happy meat' ou 'carne feliz':

Tem o artigo que eu postei traduzido e alguns comentários, vale a pena ler pois essa 'corrente' tem ganhado mais e mais adeptos nos últimos 2 anos.

Andréa N. said...

Hahaha, estou com a Lubia!


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