Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Simply... vegan!

Our lunch last Saturday made me think about at least 3 posts I wrote here: best Brazilian combination (rice and beans), all about... colors! and cooking with pleasure. We had a delicious lunch and so simple, so easy to cook.

But the most important thing I'd like to write here today is about simplicity of being vegan. I always think that is easier to be vegan in a country like Ireland, with many british influences which include vegetarianism and veganism. Here we can buy vegan cheese, cream cheese, ham, ice cream, chocolate and a lot of other stuff. But these are not things you need to eat everyday, these are things we like. Day by day we eat the simple food: pasta, rice and beans with vegetables, lot of potatoes recipes, risotto, gnocchi, salads, etc. And this kind of food is easy to find and it's cheap.

Sometimes I think people like to complicate things. To make them seem more difficult that they really are. I'm not saying that it is easy to be vegan. It is a big change. But it's not impossible and everybody can be healthy, eat well and be happy being vegan. You just need to find the best way.

There are so many options of food that are naturally vegetarian (or even vegan)... First, concentrate yourself on the kind of food you like. Start eating a vegan version of them. And think about try new things. There is a lot of food that I didn't eat before and now I love. I'm not saying that you have to like everything that is vegan, this does not exist, but you can discover a new universe with new flavours.

Simplicity is a great choice of life, always! Just try it some times ;o)


Volver said...

eu quero!
e eu quero seus cupcakes!

Volver said...

te mandei um email!
tô feliz demais menina!
te amo!


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