Sunday, 15 March 2009

"Stop Consuming Animals"

Propagandhi is an amazing band. And a vegan band. If you don't know them, check the songs and lyrics. They released a new album recently and you can check a small interview on VegNews.

Here one great lyric of the album "Less Talk, More Rock" (1996):

I speak outside what is recognized as the border between "reason" and "insanity".
But I consider it a measure of my humanity to be written off
by the living graves of a billion murdered lives.
And I'm not ashamed of my recurring dreams about me and a gun and a different species
(hint: starts with "h" and rhymes with "Neuman's")
of carnage strewn about the stockyards, the factories and farms.
Still I know as well as anyone that it does less good
than harm to be this honest with a conscience eased by lies.
But you cannot deny that meat is still murder.
Dairy is still rape.
And I'm still as stupid as anyone, but I know my mistakes.
I have recognized one form of oppression, now I recognize the rest.
And life's too short to make another's shorter- (animal liberation now!).

Propagandhi playing in São Paulo (Brazil) - 2007
Pic by Mauricio Santana


Clarissa said...

"Meat is still murder.
Dairy is still rape. "

Anonymous said...

Propagandhi rocks. Their debut album "How To Clean Everything", from 1993, has always been one of my favorite melodic records. I'm not into their new stuff musically speaking. But just like Rise Against, they're still an awesome band spreading important messages and everyone should take some time and listen to them. I know I do.

Leandro said...

Propagandhi é demais
das melhores bandas mesmo!
gostei demais do cd novo


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