Thursday, 14 August 2008

The beginning

I don’t know exactly when or how my interest in food started. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that kind of child that eats all day, and neither a paranoid teenager… Still today, I don’t think a lot about the relation food x getting fat. But, in the last years, I've been having a strong relationship with the verb eat and the universe around food!

I think that the big change happened when I became vegan. It was 1997 and I’m pretty sure that after this happened I started to pay more attention to eat and what to eat. So the rest came along with it. Eleven years ago it wasn’t easy to be vegan in Brazil. I had to learn how to cook, how to search for vegan food at the supermarket, on the street, all around the world. All of this because of an adjustment to a new diet. Yes, this was the beginning of my big interest in the world of food and drinks.

For those who don’t know, a small note: a vegan person doesn’t use any product derived from animals. In other words, a person who doesn’t eat meat, fish, or any animal product as milk, eggs, cheese, honey, etc. And more, that doesn’t use fur or leather. And that boycotts any type of animal farm, circus, rodeos or tests on animals.

Resuming, a big part of my current life has a relation with food! And I can be happy just because of it!

So, welcome to my world. All about... food!

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Maria said...

I didn't like your post... because I don't like food! I don't talk about food! And I didn't think about food all the time!!!



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