Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Days of fast food

There are two kinds of people: the ones that love fast food and the ones that hate it. I love it. And yes, you won’t read here anything about food I hate, but believe me, it exists. Well, being vegan or not, fast food has been part of my life. Hamburger + French fries + Coke is an amazing combo!

I don’t eat this kind of food everyday, I know it is not a healthy choice, but if it was, I would live of fast food!! Usually, a vegan hamburger is not that trashy thing, because you don’t need to fry it. At home we use to bake it, and since we are not used to have a real dinner, we have always prepared some kind of sandwiches with it and it is really good! But the best thing is the fried burger ;-)

We went to Belgium last weekend to see a hardcore festival in a wonderful city called Ieper. Three days of festival, three days of fast food! They have a team who prepares all the food. And everything is vegan. We could choose between croissants, chocolate buns, sandwiches (burgers and hot dogs), lunch meals and pies. Our choice was the burger! For all days!!!! It was delicious. A big, big, big sandwich (super size me!) with an awesome burger, salad and a special sauce in a bread that tastes like focaccia. Yes, it was easy to eat just it during three days. Yes, I could eat it again right now.

Around the world there are great options of vegan burgers. In Brazil, you can find some places in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte for sure. I don’t know about the other Brazilian cities, you can help, be free to post here! In Europe it’s easier to find them. Even in a city like Ieper – that is small – we could find a place that has vegan options. I never went to the US, but everyone says that, no matter the place you go, there will always be a fast food place with vegan options.

So, don’t think that being vegetarian or vegan, people are fast food free and just eat salad. This is a personal choice and my choice includes this amazing food that some people call trash.


Andrey said...

I love it too!!!

Unfortunately the best Belo Horizonte's hamburguer we can't eat anymore!

Hateful Eddie Fine Burger!

Anonymous said...


And yep, there's veg. burguers here in Santos Wonderland, shitty Curitiba, nice RJ... and, hm... can't remember wherelse now.

Glauce Lucas said...

Yes, Eddie has not vegan stuff anymore and I know that the place in Rio de Janeiro (BB Lanches) has no vegan burgers anymore, it's just vegetarian...

Anonymous said...

Oh, really? Well, sorry for the wrong info then... hihi. ^^

_Gabriel said...

- do you want to supersize the...
- super size everything! EVERYTHING.


note: you have a picture with ALL the food you're talking about or are you taking them now? XD

Glauce Lucas said...

Gabriel, about the pictures, some are old ones and some are new, like the one in this post ;-)

Clarissa said...

There's one place you gotta go: Yellow Sunshine, in Berlin.
DOUBLE CHICKEN CHEESEBURGER and FACKIN FISCH are the best choices ever - and vegan!!!

Andréa N. said...

I love vegan junk food! :)

Loved your blog as well! Thanks for the link, Glauce!


Anonymous said...

You can't beat some proper 'chipper' chips. I get Indian snack boxes in Lidl when i'm feeling lazy. Samosas etc. Yum!


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