Thursday, 28 August 2008

(Brazilian) cakes... and cook

One of the easiest food to find and to cook in a vegan version are cakes or pies! I have never missed cakes because I always cook them at home. In Brazil it's more common to have cakes and not pies – at least at home. I am not a great cook, I like to do some stuff, but not everyday. I have to be on the right mood to cook. But, most of the times I like to cook cakes. And most of the times, the ones that come in a box with all the ingredients and you just need to mix them up and bake the cake. My friends say that when they try to cook these ones, the final result is not good, but all cakes I did in my life are great! Well, at least my husband and all my friends love them. Because of that, I always cook all birthday cakes, including my own one.

My favorite flavor is chocolate. But I like the others too. I don't know if I had eaten one cake that I didn't like, probably yes, but I think I have a selective memory that just keeps good memories. Yesterday, I decided to cook a chocolate cake here in Italy. I bought one of these box ones and tried the same way I do in Brazil: ignore the eggs, put more butter and soy milk. It has always worked... until yesterday. I was in the kitchen, excited with my first Italian cake experience, but when I started to mix the stuff I realized that something wasn't good, it didn't look good. But I decided to finish it and bake it. After 30 minutes I took a look and it was terrible. Thin and raw. Ok, let's try 20 minutes more. Nothing changed. Another 15 minutes. And my mother in law trying to support me. At the end, I gave up, confirming that it was terrible. Not the taste, but the appearance. Oh my God, lucky me I don't work making cakes, I could have been fired today!We let it there, in the kitchen, until today when I tasted it and it was good!! So, we decided to eat it with ice cream. Not too bad, but I have to start to cook cakes here in the traditional way: mixing all the ingredients and not using the box cakes.

Before I start to cook the real cakes, I'm pretty sure I will just eat the Italian pies that my husband's sister cooks! They are awesome and they deserve an exclusive post ;-)

PS. Of course the cake in the picture is not the last one! I cooked this one for my husband's last birthday... In Brazil, as you know!


_Gabriel said...

huahauauaua, por um momento pensei que vc ia fazer uma piada do tipo "meu deus, meus poderes culinários ficaram no brasil!", hahaha. mas que bom que deu certo no final. e esse bolo na foto parece delicioso!

Anonymous said...

piespiespiespiespiespiespiespiespiespiespiespiespies. =D


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