Monday, 18 August 2008

Rice and beans

Rice with beans is the best Brazilian combination to eat! It is good, it is easy to do and it is very nutritious too. When you are vegan, it is one of the best ways to combine nutrient ingredients and have an awesome meal: rice, beans, soy meat and potatoes, for example, is a good combination.

Separated from beans, I don’t like rice that much, but it is one of the most traditional parts of a daily Brazilian meal. We have our own way to cook rice: put first the oil, than garlic and onion and the rice (two cups, for example). Let it fry and then put enough water and let it boil for a while. Close the pot, lower the fire, and let the rice cook. When it’s well dried, it’s ready to serve. I really don’t know how people cook rice around the world (I would like to know!) because I just tried the Italian way and they use just that specific rice to make the risotto.

About the beans, I love them! There are lots of recipes and I just love all of them! But, to eat rice with beans, the right way to cook the beans it’s almost the same to cook the rice. You really have to cook them and not to buy canned beans at the supermarket! I won’t explain all the process, but you have to let them cook in a pressure pot for 20 minutes and after that you put the oil, garlic, onion and salt and let it cook again… The final result is awesome! The best beans ever!! I'm sorry about everyone that is used to eat them in a can, but it is not the same.

That’s it… One food I really miss in Europe is the Brazilian couple rice and beans!

PS. To all my Brazilian friends: yes, of course you know how to cook rice and beans but I thought that the world should know that too to try to understand it! ;-P


Andrey said...

Rice, beans, soy and french fries!

I'm hungry now...

Anonymous said...

Beans for life! Rice and beans unite! hehehe.

I totally agree, the best food combo ever. But I'd add some salad too, yummy. =D

Lúbia said...

^_^ I love rice and beans!!!

But...os dois têm que estar novos. Aí como até sozinhos. Feijão com farinha tb eu amo! Aliás, minha mãe vive me chamando de baiana por esse meu amor pela farinha. ;p

Ahh...num sei escrever em inglês não. Buhh...

Clarissa said...

I don´t care about rice, but beans ruuuuuule!! ehhehe

_Gabriel said...

huahauhaua, I did not :x


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