Friday, 15 August 2008

The breakfast

I always wake up hungry. I’m not that kind of person who opens the eyes and think “Hmmm I don’t want to eat anything…” Moreover, I think I just really wake up after a good breakfast.

It’s usually said that in some cultures the breakfast is an important meal, which gives us the strength to spend the rest of the day. And I agree!! I’m nobody before putting something in the mouth. Of course, that idea of American breakfast, with millions of calories is not my case! Even before being a vegetarian, a dish of fried eggs with bacon couldn't make my day. But I really care about this first meal.

I’m not the “talking” type in the morning, so I don’t see the social side of a breakfast. You can talk about whatever you want, but during that time, it’s not my point! I just need to eat! Prepare everything, seat and eat. Without television, without music, without a newspaper or a book, without a dialog! Just me and the awesome company of an orange juice, bread, biscuits, jelly, chocolate soy milk, coffee… and that’s it, good morning life!

PS. In Italy I learnt an awesome way to eat bread or toasts: put first the butter (vegetarian butter in my case) and than marmalade. I prefer berry jelly, but you can taste some before you decide!


_Gabriel said...

I'm nobody before my breakfast too. And what about those eggs and bacon in the morning we see in movies? No wonder the american family is that huge! Ew, can you imagine that much oil this early in the day? Arg!

Anonymous said...

Bananinha (daquelas com açucar) e água conta como café da manhã? Porque foi o que eu acabei de comer agora, hehehe.

Nunca poderia experimentar essa iguaria Italiana, já que nunca na minha vida gostei de manteiga. =/

Maria said...

That's just one thing about american breakfast that I love: PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!
And this Italian way to eat toast is too exotic for me! Too piper rubra for me! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Glauce Lucas said...

Gabriel, they eat eggs and bacon... And I really don't know how they can do it! I love pancakes, too, but not during breakfast! And, Filype, don't you like just butter or also any kind of margarine? Raquel (Maria eheheh), you should try it, it's exotic but it is really AWESOME ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nop. I hate butter, and margarine taste is the same for me. Makes me puke. =D

Glauce Lucas said...

OK, I got it! But for sure I will have some good tips for you in the near future =D

Clarissa said...

I looooooooooove bread with margerine and marmalade. That's my everyday's breakfast and I learned that in Germany. hehehe. :)

Glauce Lucas said...

Clarrisa, that's awesome, I will have a good breakfast with you in Berlin!


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